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I wear many hats, but they all add up to CREATE!
I’ll be sharing about my journey through life as a writer of novels, poetry, and magazine articles; my projects, past and present, as a composer of sacred and environmentally-themed concert and church music; my insights from training and teaching the martial art Aikido; and the breaths of fresh air I get while in my organic garden and orchard of (mostly) heirloom apples.

Welcome! I hope you enjoy taking a few travels with me.
Craig Thomas Naylor
March 29, 2021

Reminiscences of the best school band I ever conducted

In Spring, 2020, I conducted the best middle school band of my career (and that's really saying something, I've had some kickin' groups!). I was on my way to retirement and looked forward to festivals in May and our Spring Concert soon after. Unfortunately, Covid-19 hit, school closed, and this stellar group of students never got to showcase their talents. I wrote an article about my feelings and the Montana Senior News picked it up with the title, A Silent Symphony of the Heart. Enjoy. Click for Full Story