Welcome to my new blog and website!

I wear many hats, but they all add up to CREATE!
I’ll be sharing about my journey through life as a writer of novels, poetry, and magazine articles; my projects, past and present, as a composer of sacred and environmentally-themed concert and church music; my insights from training and teaching the martial art Aikido; and the breaths of fresh air I get while in my organic garden and orchard of (mostly) heirloom apples.

Welcome! I hope you enjoy taking a few travels with me.
Craig Thomas Naylor
August 13, 2021

New Articles Published

Be sure to check Author, Aikido in Kalispell, and Orchard for recent publications. You can also find many online at Montana Senior News - just search Craig Thomas Naylor.
July 9, 2021

Flathead River Writers Conference

I'm delighted to be one of the coordinators for the 2021 Flathead River Writers Conference, October 15 - 17. This year will be virtual, via zoom, so anyone across the country can join us. We have an incredible lineup of teachers and authors covering the craft of writing: balancing creative time and family; giving your story that extra push of excitement; preparing your manuscript to grab and agent's interest; among others. Registration is limited. Find out more and register at
June 7, 2021


I sometimes wish my life were filled with one focused activity. I guess I have too many squirrels climbing too many creative fences.
March 29, 2021

Reminiscences of the best school band I ever conducted

In Spring, 2020, I conducted the best middle school band of my career (and that's really saying something, I've had some kickin' groups!). I was on my way to retirement and looked forward to festivals in May and our Spring Concert soon after. Unfortunately, Covid-19 hit, school closed, and this stellar group of students never got to showcase their talents. I wrote an article about my feelings and the Montana Senior News picked it up with the title, A Silent Symphony of the Heart. Enjoy. Click for Full Story